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It's on now

Miranda 801

Looks like it's time for some fun boys and girls!!!!

Ben C

What is the time limit on max overhead and MU's?

Robin Lyons

I had a dream....and it came true!
What a great way to start the day!!!

Damon Stewart

8 minutes.

Miranda 801

You are one strong lady too!! Excited to see you this weekend.

Why are you starting your day at 7:45 pm???


Robin Lyons

"what a great way to start the day"... reffering to saturday...we will see how the rest pans out, right? Glad you are representing this year!

Kade CrossFit Dixie

Can't wait to see the different approaches and strategies for this WOD. Exciting!

Damon Stewart

At last weekends Sectional the top male clean and jerk was 235 and the top female was 230! We can't wait to unveil the other WODs for you guys, it's going to be an amazing weekend.

James Sjostrom

Are the 3 attempts of max muscle ups, added together?

nik rasmussen

consecutive muscle ups are without touching the ground? Or without letting go?

Kade CrossFit Dixie

Damon is that right-235 for top male c & j last week? I didn't l know they were having a sectional for CrossFit Kids. Jk just being a smart ass. I like your style so far in the programming, very broad. I'm still anxious to know what all the "'soul searcher" consists of!

Miranda 801

Robyn...I figured that out when I went back and reread it!

Dying to see the other WODs.

Damon Stewart

WOD 2 has a prowler in it.

Zach @ CFLV


Miranda 801

Zach...I almost typed that exact same thing but quickly talked myself out of it...ha ha!


I'm looking at the Games site, but I'm not finding the ROM videos. The only thing I'm seeing for the Utah/Nevada qualifiers is the post about the change of venue. Any help is appreciated!


Elise, I don't think the main site has posted any videos yet. I've been waiting on pins & needles. I only check once every 7 or 8 minutes though so I'm getting better... : )


Thanks, Travis! From some of the comments it sounded like the videos had been posted. Glad to know that I'm not losing my mind. :D

James S

I can't take the suspense any more, only 6 more days :0)

Jimbo Slice@SCCF

Watch out for Jeremy Michalosky, he's a Beast!

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