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So on workout #1, if you do the spit jerk do you have to do a squat clean rather than a power clean?


Go to the Utah/Nevada qualifiers web page and watch the demos. They do a good job of explaining what you are able to do and not do. But, yes either a squat clean or power clean works. Just ground to overhead.


The qualifiers webpage is actually where the question came from. According to the demos, the acceptable lifts are: 1) Power Clean with a Push Jerk; 2) Squat Clean with a Split Jerk; 3) Snatch. So I am wondering if you can do a Power Clean with a Split Jerk (i.e. mix and match acceptable lifts 1 and 2).


Those are some but not all the acceptable combos. Basically the only thing that's unacceptable is resting the barbell on your body below the chest on the way up i.e. the Continental.

Stink Dawg

Go Billy "The Beefcake" Howard, Sin City Crossfit Represent!

Nick B

Damon - Is the $25 price at the door for a two day ticket? If not how much is it for one day. Thanks for all of this.

Damon - Wasatch

There no such thing as a one day ticket on Saturday. That's per HQ. We know that may be a burden for some people and we wanted to sweeten the pot by offering the t-shirts.

So yes, $25 is for 2 days. If you come on Sunday it's $15.


Is this a chalk friendly environment?


How high are the rings set up? Are they adjustable for each athlete? Thanks :)

Damon - Wasatch

We'll have chalk containers with chalk for every single station. So yes.

Nicole, we'll have rings set a different heights and boxes to help you on getting up on them. I don't think we'll have time to adjust them between heats but you should be able to step off a box and be fine.


I noticed on the schedule that Sunday has general heats in the morning and heats for 1-15 and 16-30 in the afternoon. Does this mean that you have to be in the top 30 from Day 1 to have a chance at qualifying for regionals?


I got my money on Jimbo Slice aka stink dawg

Damon - Wasatch

Jeff. Anyone in the top 20 qualifies. If you can get from last to first then you're in. We're running the event this way but it doesn't matter what heat you're in, only your final place.

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