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May 18, 2010



challenge accepted, my registration complete. only i dont have a blue wcf shirt yet??


I would be interested in running the half! Anyone out there want to commit with me?


I'll do the half. So will Carol and Jackie!!! (heeheehee)

Dave K

Down for the full. I'll train in my usual fasion, forgetting I've commited to it until 1 week out, except this time with less beer drinking. I'm already ahead!

Oh and, 9:15 HELEN!!! WOOT!
I was afraid my forced laziness had gotten to me, but I think I'm ok now.

Now no one remind me I've commited to running a Marathon. I still have 3 months of procrastination to follow through on. THis ought to teach me to volunteer for things immediately following a WOD.


I am in for the half. Wondering if there are any athletes that can CFE in the afternoon / evening. I work during the day when the CFE is usually done. I also think that we need to get some new shirts for the occasion. I'm thinking dragons. Maybe a black dragon with sapphire and pearl iridescent scales, breathing blue and white flames. Just not a big fan of sh!t brickhouses.

joe throgmorton

Any plans for memorial day? Any WCF plans?


Michelle, remember? It's the Wasatch Bears now...


I was partying with a friend of mine this past weekend who does these marathons and triathlons and apparently I committed to the Layton Marathon, I dont remember!! So Im in.

Banu Firth


Todays WOD for Pack 4:30, Crew 5:30

W-Bear crawl, dot drill
S- Squats, push ups
WOD- 6 push ups, 6 box jumps. AMRAP 10 min
G- Musical Med Balls
B- (pack) WOD log, hmwk, Krypto

yesterday we got a cute pic of CF bowling...maybe Damon will put it up ;)


Nice work to the Wasatch team!!! I wanted to especially thank Carol and Prescilla for cheering me on in the 4th wod. It might not have seemed like it, but it did help me get up the rope.


Michelle, no dragons. We are the Wasatch Crossfit Bears.


Bears? Inside joke i am sure, but are we da bears, or just bears? no comment about committing to hours of running though

Jen C.

I've been there and done that!! I will definatly commit though to being there and cheering everyone on!! Go WCF!!

Les Vierra

Looks like interesting reading - Born To Run:


We do need a CFE class during the early morning hours....530am especially since summer is coming.
I am in for new shirts but not to sure of the dragons.


The concept of 26.2 miles on asphalt is very unappealing....to me. My knees grow weak when they 'C' anything 10K and over on anyting other that DIRT. Bring it to the hills and the attitude will certainly have some revisions. That said, Im always up for a challenge,.. effing knees will get over what they 'C'. Lets get it on!

Nate S.

I've always wanted to do a 10K or half marathon. I ran the Ogden half Marathon this past weekend and was pretty happy with the results. I did it in 98.3 minutes and kept the same pace almost the entire way. I would be game for doing the Layton one as well.

Dave K

Whooo! Greggers! I need another heavy weight to rattle the pavement with me! Gotta give all those skinny kids a run for their money!




wuudup mista Dave. Lets roll.

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