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May 19, 2010



Oh crap...


Is it flower power for an hour?



Damon Stewart

Qwest is down in my neighborhood so will post more in the morning. Remember the Fight Club rules for this WOD.


Is this a drinking game? a shot of beer every minute for an hour without pukie to win


If Quest is down, how did you still make a comment?? Hmmm...Curious...
Adam, if you can, bring beer.


Grandma Myrtle, you can make posts on the Internet with them new fangled smart phones

Damon Stewart

Oh snap!


120 V or 240??

Dave K

THe first rule of Time Tial is you don't talk about Time Trial?

Banu Firth

you guys make me LOL every morning :)

Phyllis W.

Uh oh... I have no idea what this is, but it doesn't sound good. Should I arrange for the Dread Pirate Roberts to kidnap me?


This will perhaps be the easiest WOD of the week. Everybody should just relax, eat a super big lunch, and come to the gym ready for some good clean fun.

Les Vierra

Counting on it Evan, just had some tri tip and califlour before noon workout.. i was hungry. And that article is exactly why we have good coaches (to interpret). I hope Carol studied up for todays 60 min question and answer period. and you guys are a bunch of wierdos, glad to be associated with you all..

Banu Firth

This is why I just play with the kids. LOL

Nate S.

Bring it on!!!

Damon - Wasatch

One small recommendation: Do not show up at this WOD dehydrated and stretch your hamstrings & lower back prior to starting the time trial. My score was roughly equivalent to the same a 10 year girl would row for the same amount of pain as passing a kidney stone. Not fun doing this one with a cramped back. On the plus side, I did set the bar so low for everyone that you'll leave today happy to be a WCF Bear.

Melanie D.

The 4:30 class found a new use for the ab mat today...rowers butt pad. Crack me up, I guess U gotta due what ever it takes to get the job done. Thanks Jen for your FULL service, your the best and we're glad that U are back;)

Banu Firth

I second the "glad you are back Jen"!

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