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May 12, 2010


Melanie D.

I love doing monostructural workout's. I really enjoy the change up, that is one of the reason's why I love crossfit so much, because we never do the same thing over and over. Everyday is different.

Banu Firth

I also prefer different motions within one workout.definately what drew me to CF. 150 wallballs for time...boring! and you know you'll be hurting in one spot for days. can you say rabdo, JK. may i respectfully ask the point?

Shane Hodapp

I really like workouts like today's because I know my performance last time, and I can try to improve it this time. I also enjoy mixing it up, but I love getting these nonostructural WOD's in here and there. I personally enjoy the "hurting in one spot for days" because I know the hurt is making me stronger.

Damon Stewart

Rhabdo is caused by movements with a strong eccentric component like jumping pullups, GHD situps, even high rep KB swings. Basically when a larger muscle group takes a smaller muscle past failure there's sufficient muscle deterioration to potentially cause rhabdo.

Banu Firth

YES, sorry, i was JK. Im glad some people like those kind of workouts, im not a fan :) I made my own workout at home made my military dude friend do it with me and it was awesome. he only beat me by 20 sec because he's 6'4" and caught me on the Run!

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