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March 25, 2008


Miranda O


You are looking a little pudgy in those pics...what's up with that? Have you gained a little weight?

Ha! Just kidding! That is so funny that you guys played hoover ball, because I didn't even know that when I suggested that we have a tournament this summer!


Tried doing the snatches at the rec center, in a crowded gym that was entirely unsuitable for this workout. After the 3rd person coming up to me and asking me if I was done with the barbell, I wanted to scream, but after a staff member told me I wasn't allowed to "make noise" when I placed the barbell on the floor after each rep, I decided I would have to do this one some other day. Frustrating! It was a stark reminder how fortunate it is to have Wasatch Crossfit and how I will be letting my membership at the rec center expire.


8:41 with 65#, just goes to show what a day of undereating & being dehydrated will do, did this WOD 6 weeks ago in 6:43 with 75#. On the bright side, awesome turnout in class tonight.


I did a whopping 20# with 75 reps... thank god for my girl Liz or I would have been crying... One day I'll be stronger...


Maria,I'm sorry but that story cracked me up. To make up for laughing at the misfortune of others I volunteer to humble myself and do that one with you next time.....oh and Wasatch Crossfit is fortunate to have you too. Let's let the "Rec Center" die quietly in it's sleep.

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